Our Readers

NLF’s support to libraries is not only limited to the provision of books, software, hardware, or library management skills training, but also in helping set up reading clubs or “book clubs” at each of these libraries. Here are some of the stories from these readers:
"I am so much better informed than I was before the library was set up. I read 47 books in a year. We need to get new books." - Padma Giri, school teacher and user of the Ranapal School library
Interaction in Progress [Ranapal Library, Dangihat]Interaction in Progress [Ranapal Library, Dangihat]

Ranapal village of about 15,000 population is approximately 35 KM (south east of the town of Biratnagar in Eastern Nepal. It takes 90 minutes by motorcycle ride to get to the town. The Ranapal school library is first and to date only Library in the village since its establishment in 2011.The library currently holds 600 books, two computers, and various children learning tools. The library has issued 737 membership and is constantly working to increase its content as well as the membership. NLF supported $2000 worth books and computers to the library.
"I passed (national) civil Service examination with flying colors by reading books from the library.” - Mahadev Jha, a user of Subudhi Mahananda Academic Library working hard to qualify for the national civil service.
“My pain in the stomach was cured after I started reading and following what is recommended in the Nepali translated book Doctor Navayema"(Where there is no Doctor, written by David Werner, Carol Thuman, and Jane Maxwell and published by Hesperian Health Guides, California, USA)
"The library has changed my life" - BIshnu Jha, male middle-ager user of Subudhi Mahananda Academic Library who was suffering from unspecified chronic stomach ailments
Simara Library A speaker during interaction with library users Interaction with library users [Mahananda Academic Library, Simara]

Mahananda Academic Library is in Simara, Sarlahi District, approximately 18 kilometres south of the district headquarters Malangwa. Simara has a population of about 10,000 and it takes approximately an hour on the dirt road by motorcycle to get to the nearest city. The Mahananda Academic Library is the first and to date only Library in the village since its establishment in 2011.The library currently holds 600 books, three computers, and various children learning tools. The library has issued 77 membership and also has a 28 member reading (book club). NLF supported $3000 worth of books and computers to the library.
“The library has become a focal point of the community; the library and the community has symbiotic relationship [nang ra masu ko sambadha] - Bhoj Kala Dahal, male community leader and user of Biswamitra Community Library
"Reading and learning new things has given me confidence" - Muna Acharya, stay home mom and member of Biswamitra Community Library Reading Club
“We, the teenagers have found special purpose of being organized in readers' clubs and here, in the library, we find some reference materials for our regular studies too. We sometimes organize such interactions and competitions as well.” - Ms. Dikshya Dahal and Ms. Nisha Acharya – teenage members of Biswamitra Community Library
Open sky school in SimaraStudents at school Students cramming their lessons [Simara]

Biswamitra Community Library Dharachaur, Lamatar - 4, Lalitpur District, although close to the capital city of Kathmandu was the first library in the village of 9,000 population. The library has four Reading Clubs and organizes variety of events such as essay competition and blood donation. NLF supported development of e-library in Nepal which the users of Biswamitra Community Library are able to access.
“My daughter has … improved her habits in looking over the books and started writing the names of our family after getting selected for [a] scholarship … I have no words enough to thank the supporters who are the real angels for the poor people like me. I am quite optimistic that my daughter has a bright future with this kind of … support.” - Mrs. Suzkali Sunar of Humla (mother of 8 year old Laxmi )
Attendees in interaction program [Biswamitra Library]Attendees in interaction program [Biswamitra Library]

NLF donated books to Laxmi’s school library in Humla, western Nepal.