2011 Newsletter Published

Nepal Library Foundation has finally published its yearly newsletter for the year 2011. You can read it here in pdf.

In other news, "Library Development in Nepal: Problems and Prospects" authored by Naresh Koirala and Paul Bird has been published in the European Bulletin of Himal Research. You can download the article here.

Nepal Library Foundation News Update - May 2011

NLF Initiative with the Government of Nepal

For the last two years, Dr. Shiva Gautam of Nepal Library Foundation(NLF) has been lobbying the Government of Nepal (GoN) to allocate funds to start an ICT based education pilot project and e-library in Nepal. NLF believes that ICT based learning in all Nepali schools will be impossible without GoN’s unreserved commitment. The foundation president Naresh Koirala and board member Dr. Shiva Gautam recently flew to Nepal for a meeting with GoN in this regard.

Dot org Domain for Nepal Library Foundation

In line with the non-profit nature of the foundation, the board recently decided to obtain ".org" domain for the foundation and discontinue using the ".com" domain going forward. In line with the decision, the domain name, nepallibrary.org has been registered for the foundation and is fully functional as of now.

However, our old domain, nepallibrary.com will continue to function for two more years until the transition to nepallibrary.org is complete. For now, even if you type nepallibrary.com, you are being redirected to nepallibrary.org.