A Library Gets a New Life in Brahmapuri, Janakpur

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 22:19 - suhrid_library_1Flickr

The Suhrid Pustakalaya, in the South Central Nepal, city of Janakpur, was established by Saroj Koirala in the mid 1950’s and thrived until it was shut down in 1960 after the King dissolved Parliament and assumed power. Elected political leaders were imprisoned and civil liberties crushed. Public libraries were banned and forcibly closed. Saroj Koirala went into exile in India but was assassinated in 1972. After the overthrow of the monarchy Ms Leela Koirala, Saroj Koirala’s widow, became a member of parliament. 

To help restore the library as a functional resource for the community Ms Koirala directed NPR 500 000 from the Parliament Development Fund towards its refurbishment. The NLF has assisted in managing the project, providing library training, installing an e-Pustakalaya server network connected to five computers and setting up a dedicated children’s section. 

The restoration of this library provides a much needed and appreciated resource to a generation that have never known the concept of a public library.