Students of Sutherland School visit Nepal

In March this year, students of Sutherland School got the opportunity to see Nepal first hand and visit Prakash Library and Buddha Academy Boarding School that they have been supporting for a while now. The NLF is glad to know that the feedback students got from the visit was that Sutherland School's efforts have been "helping girls and women become self-sustaining and avoid early marriage".

Included here are some of the pictures the children shot during the visit to Nepal. If you want to see more, head over to picasa here.

Sutherland School, North Vancouver has been supporting Prakash Community Library in Banepa for the last four years. The students under the leadership of teacher Cynthia Bunbury at the school hold yearly fasts and the amount collected thus goes to supporting their efforts in Nepal through Nepal Library Foundation. The effort is led by teacher Cynthia Bunbury.

The NLF once again thanks heartily the students of Sutherland School for their continued and valuable support in our mission to bring about positive change in Nepal. Our huge appreciation to Cynthia Bunbury.